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The Darkling Thrush

A newbie bird-watcher watching the skies.

  • Opposite Day

    holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit HOLY SHIT

    I don’t. I don’t know how to tell this. What happened. Start at the beginning. I have to tell this to someone. Start at the beginning.

    I went to the study hall for detention. It was me and a few other students. I didn’t know anyone - I don’t really hang around the kids who are in detention.

    The teacher who supervised us was Mrs. Hertzberg, the German teacher. She’s been at the school almost forever. It was a few minutes before we could leave, but I needed to go pee really badly. So I asked if I could go and she said it was okay.

    After I went to the bathroom, I heard a whistling. I looked around the corner and I saw Mr. Lappet. He was standing outside Taylor’s locker, stuffing another note inside. He was the one who was writing the notes.

    He was whistling this weird tune. I can’t. I can’t remember what it was, but it just made my head hurt. I decided to follow him. I wanted to know why he was putting the notes in her locker. Why he wrote those things.

    He left the building and walked down to the quad. He stopped next to a bench and sat down. He looked up and…he opened his mouth. His mouth stretched out. It became wider and wider, larger and larger.

    And out of his mouth emerged a beak. Then a whole bird. It stepped on Mr. Lappet’s chin and then flew away. Another bird came out of his mouth. They looked…strange. It flew away as a third bird came out.

    Then. Then his mouth opened wider again. There was another bird. A huge bird. It was bigger than his head. I don’t know how it could have fit inside his body, but it did. It emerged from his mouth and then flew away.

    Mr. Lappet closed his mouth slowly. It looked…unreal. Like it was a special effect. But it wasn’t. He wiped his mouth and then started to whistle again.

    I ran inside and threw up in a trashcan.

    What the fuck? What the fucking fuck?

    — Andrew

  • Accent Red by Neil Talwar